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Kardelen Su is a modern facility that was established in 1993 under the name of KAR-SU ÇAMLICA KOYU SU ISLETMELERI, on a closed area of 6,500 m² and an open area of 25,000 m². The source of our water is in Kerem Ali Mountains, which has an unspoiled natural beauty, and it comes to our filling facility through stainless pipes that do not produce bacteria, with the source eye completely closed against external factors.

Our first meeting with the consumer starts with the distribution of water to the water stations by tanker. In the following years, We meet our customers with 3 lt. glass bottles. We have also started producing 19 lt. tube water together with the changing consumption trends in the national water market. Founded with the claim of doing the best, Kardelen broke new ground in Turkey and became the first company to obtain a license to fill PC carboys (License dated 07-10-1994 and numbered 113). With this feature, Kardelen pioneered and led the way in bringing the recyclable PC carboy system, which is widely used in Europe and America, to our country. Production of 0.5lt., 1.5 lt., 5 lt., 8 lt. and 10 lt. pet bottles have followed up this.

Kardelen Su has been included in the “1st quality waters” class according to the analysis report of Ist. Univ., the Medical Ecology and Hydroclimatology Research Center dated 23.01.1995. Accelerating its efforts to obtain a Natural Mineral Water License at the stage of completing the EU harmonization process, our company was registered as Natural Mineral Water with the license on 09.11.2007 and no. 19 by fulfilling the conditions of the "Regulation on Natural Mineral Waters" published in the Official Gazette dated 01.12.2004 and numbered 25657 by the Ministry of Health. KARDELEN, which is distinguished from other waters with its spring, temperature and flow which does not change in summer and winter, with its clarity and ideal mineral structure, has gained a well-deserved reputation thanks to its natural flavor. Kardelen, which produces in full automatic machines in accordance with World Standards, without touching and without deteriorating its naturalness, is delivered to your homes and workplaces in accordance with the slogan "From the source to the glass".

Quality and Food Safety Policy
To produce quality products in hygienic environments with the principle of "food safety from the source to the glass",

To ensure customer satisfaction by determining the current and future demands of customers,

  • To fulfill all legal requirements concerning Food Safety and our activities,
  • To make continuous improvements with the participation of all our employees,
  • To prioritize the health and safety of our employees,
  • To meet the training needs of our customers and employees, to increase our efficiency, to minimize costs,

Trade Registry Information

Trade Name: KAR-SU Çamlıca Köyü Su İşletmeleri A.Ş.
Registration Number: Güneşli V.D / 4990047681
Business Center: Bağlar Mahallesi Osmanpaşa Caddesi No: 21 Kat: 3 Bağcılar, İstanbul

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